Adaptive climate control

The customer tends to spend more the cleaner the site is (JD Powers & Airports Council International).Of the costs of high occupancy venues, energy for air conditioning is one of the biggest. Have you thought about what you could save if it was correctly adapted to the occupancy level?
"Yeah, I know, but to do that we need to install sensors and people counting devices, but installing them is going to cost me more in wiring and installation than we are going to save and not everyone is the same, counting is only part of the solution".

We can help you optimise it with sensors that don't need wiring and we know how to evaluate what needs to be cleaned or ventilated according to the type of users. We can tell when the "air" feels clean or when it feels rarefied, which areas of the centre are busiest and need to be ventilated more based on occupancy that day. Knowing if a door is opened to the outside, how it influences and how you can save as much as possible. We have mobile loggers that are capable of mapping air quality before making investments. And Machine Learning to improve before it happens. And without wiring costs !!!!

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