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Generative AI

Imagine that an AI is able to give you suggestions in production with your own data, without giving it away or making it available to anyone else.

We can use the data you have or capture it in real time to generate answers based on your installation.

I'm sure you have an intuitive feeling that there's room for improvement, but there's so much data and so many variables that you wouldn't have time to analyse it.

With the help of a Generative AI, we can give it all the data and ask it to find relationships to improve production more efficiently.

To find relationships to improve production even further, or find possible sources of error.

Process Automation, SCADA, Distributed Control System

We can handle everything from a small automation with a LOGO to a complete turnkey redundant safety equipment or a distributed control.

Experts in SCADA visualization, from small machine-integrated panels, SCADA supervisory software, data historization, BIG DATA, or a WINCC OA Scada that collects data from multiple systems or factories.
Rapid development of applications to expand your installation, click on a button on your smartphone from wherever you are to improve a process or receive only the alarm that needs your validation.

Plant data digitization, IOT

William Thomson Kelvin (Lord Kelvin), British physicist and mathematician (1824 - 1907) coined the phrase: "What is not defined cannot be measured. What is not measured, cannot be improved. What is not improved, always degrades".

From a simple digital signal, to collecting data from an existing SCADA, we are able to collect in real time, historize and analyze the data that is produced in the field.

From the report of a simple OEE to a control associated with manufacturing batches with operator identification, including energy consumption.

Breakdown Prevention by Analyzing All Vibrations

What if your own automation system could warn you long before equipment damage could occur that something is wrong? What if it recommended changing parameters or recipes to prevent irreversible damage?

Currently, it is possible to install simple vibration sensors, but in critical processes, this is not enough. Loss of information can be costly, so it is essential to have real-time control of the generated vibrations.

MES / MOM , paperless factory

Manufacturing execution systems or paperless manufacturing MES / MOM, laboratory management, LMS, OEE, batch-related energy management. Leave paper behind.
Manufacturing orders directly on the shop floor, video of how to use the machine or PPE.

In-line quality checks that directly trigger alerts to design or quality if something goes out of range. Allow operators to add a photo or video of the production failure so that quality can respond in less time.

Cloud computing

We can integrate your production with any storage or cloud service. For example, we can collect important data from an on-site drive.
Make a pre-analysis locally. Upload the generated analysis to the cloud, compare it with what is happening in other plants and anticipate a possible failure or increase in consumption before it happens.

OEE or better; IEI

In a highly competitive business environment, having a complete and accurate view of your production performance is crucial.
Our innovative solution IEI integrates key metrics such as OEE,
along with energy and material performance. With energy efficiency, you can monitor consumption and reduce costs, while also considering CO2 emissions. This comprehensive solution gives you the big picture to identify opportunities for improvement.

Energy management

You should not monitor your plant's air, water, gas or electricity consumption. The energy management system must warn you before it is too late and you consume more than you should. It is possible to configure it to send you warnings if there is a small deviation.

Think about how much money that extra consumption costs you every second you don't take action.
What is it costing you not knowing which lots are the most energetically expensive and how could it be improved?


Identification, traceability, genealogy. More than 20 years of experience in industrial RFID systems for all types of processes.

We can assist you in the whole process. From mounting low-cost labels that go with the finished product to data carriers that circulate around your plant carrying all the manufacturing information. Paperless and without losing anything. And all connected to your ERP.

Digital twin

Yes, but not everything, only what brings you the most benefit. Virtualization of production processes to optimize machines in production, to define new routes for AGVs, to guarantee OEE, etc.   PLC simulation to develop without having the hardware supplied and installed. 
We can virtualize the installation so that we can test, experiment and improve without the need for interaction with the real world.
Optimization of all development phases thanks to the use of digital twins.

Industrial network comunications. Ciber security

Are you prepared to keep your factory running, resist attacks, intrusions and malware?

You can count on us to carry out an audit to detect the risks and their level, install the necessary equipment so that your production does not stop and define the protocols for action in case of emergency.
It is likely that some of your machines have remote access for maintenance management. Do you know if it is an open door to the rest of your installation?

Adaptive climate control

The cleaner the place feels, the more the public spends. Of the costs of high-occupancy spaces, energy for air-conditioning is one of the biggest, along with cleaning. What about wireless sensors that intelligently optimise resources, not according to occupancy, but according to reality?

Industrial App Development

Rapid development of both industrial applications and hardware when needed. Tell us about your idea and we will probably be able to implement it in a short time.

Our LoRaWAN® coverage mapping app

IoT Sensors, LoRa, LoRaWAN

We are experts in LoRa and LoRaWAN sensors and communications. It's not just about choosing sensors, it's about the whole process, checking coverage and securely capturing data. 

We have our own technology and software to make real coverage maps with our beacons, software and knowledge. 

Then come the surprises.... and the cost overruns. Before a "... should be, ... according to what we were told, ... is that it is a new thing ...", it is better to say "Sure, we have measured! Don't imagine what the coverage would be like or use theoretical data. 

Check the range and possible interferences with a real signal plan so that nothing is out of range or that you get half of the data. 

And data must be stored securely. Before leaving it on a cloud service website, you should make sure that it complies with security standards and data protection laws. Wouldn't you be better off with a mixed solution? Have you considered edge computing?

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